It feels so wrong

It feels so wrong. I feel mixed up inside.
I think of you, and know I cannot hide.

Will you ever understand why I had to lie?
Can you ever forgive me for letting it all die?

I will always love you—that I cannot deny.
A love so intense but bound to a different time.

You’re in that special place I can always return to.
Where everything is felt the first time and fantasies always come true.

Not so sure anymore what went wrong.
I guess I just had to move on.

But I keep coming back, wanting to rescue you.
Can we ever set each other free?
Or is it just me, trapped by the memory
Of you loving me, like nobody?

A love without reason; a love so insane.
A love of pure emotion, screaming with pain.

You were real and unpretentious—your love was unbound.
But I had to move on and not turn back around.

It feels wrong and it pains me inside.
Will you ever understand why I had lied?

March 2001

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