Postcards in frame

Our homes should tell the stories of who we are.

— Nate Berkus
Ancestral home, Jaro, Iloilo City

I follow the philosophy that we should surround ourselves with the things, and people, we love. That’s most true at home.

Ordinary souvenir postcards can, if framed properly, be elevated to art—especially if they remind you of a wonderful adventure or simply a sense of history.

Ancestral home, Jaro, Iloilo City

These postcards, featuring prints by Ernie Claud, show two ancestral houses in Iloilo City that belonged to my family. I don’t personally have memories spending time in these houses or feel sentimentally connected to them. But they meant so much to my beloved grandmother. She told stories from when she was younger and spending time there with her cousins and her own grandparents, who she called mamako and papako.

Hanged art doesn’t need to be expensive. These particular frames were from IKEA. But if you’re hanging something, at least let it mean something special. Postcards often times are the easiest way to tell, what may be epic, stories.

Do you have a postcard worth framing? Would love to hear its story.

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