Avatar inspiration

Water bender by ERJE

The COVID19 quarantine certainly gave kids, from ages one to 92, more unstructured time; which meant more time in front of screens.

We had to tame the consumerism and set time limits for our children. They could only get more screen time if they created something new:

Water bender, by ERJE. Drawn and stitched on an iPad

A new art piece. A new LEGO structure built without instructions. A new story. Any newly expressed ideas, like these short animated movies inspired by—and used to earn more time to binge—Avatar: the Last Airbender.

My daughter imagined and animated herself as a skilled water bender, and her fiery brother she drew as a fire bender. I think these are pretty good. #Proudmomhere.

Fire bender, by ERJE. Drawn and stitched on an iPad

I’m trying to raise confident creators that #createeveryday, and hopefully leave a world better than they found it.

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