Little girl

Drawing by dd ERJE, when she was about four

Little girl
Why are you here?
Right now
I need you to disappear.

You’re not welcome
In this grown-up place
Crawl back into 
Your tiny secret space.

Your opinion is not needed
Your advice cannot be heeded
Put those drawings away
This is no time to play.

This grown-up
Needs some space
Ms. Confidence needs 
To take your place.

Right now
I need you to disappear

Little girl?

Why are you still here?


About this poem: We can be distractions to ourselves, when inner voices debate or argue. We go through moments of self-doubt, when an inner passionate voice tries to tell us that the current course we’re on isn’t where it wanted to be initially. But sometimes the practical thing to do is to just stay the course.

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